21-06-23 GCJRE6

38.25495 -85.75975

Last summer I found myself in Louisville. Well, let’s do the webcam whicle we’re here! As we finished up the Reflections virtual, we headed over here. We had learned that the Breonna Taylor event had just happened. We had all heard of it but had not noted it was Louisville. So, when we arrived and found the buildings boarded up, well, there would no webcam for me to complete.

Advance forward nearly a year and I pieced together a trip to the midwest. Well, Louisville isn’t that far from Cincinnati. I could easily add the webcam on to this trip. And I did!

I came over from West Virginia today. I was thrilled when I got to Kentucky as the circuitous route through the mountains was over. My goodness I felt like a Formula 1 driver. Got into town and headed for the clerk’s office only to find out it has moved. Signage in the building stinks. You go to the second floor to be greeted with a sign to return to the first floor and take the other set of elevators. Sigh . . .

Got to where I needed be. Had to wait a couple minutes for a smiling photograph. 🙂 The GPSr is hanging across my body. Hard to see, but it’s there!

Thank you for listing this for me to complete and return to Louisville; I appreciate it.

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