Power Island

21-06-27 GC35

44.869517 -85.58045

I’m a school teacher. As such, summer is a good time for me to travel. I planned an entire geotour for myself through New England this week. But a few weeks back, I checked this cache page. I do so on occasion as this geocache has been on my radar for a long time. I saw smartscout25’s note about doing this today. I looked at the calendar and thought, “Why not?” We made plans and I crafted a totally new geotour for myself to get out here today.

It’s been an adventure, but this geocache is the anchor of everything I have done/will do for two weeks. I know I was up for the trip despite the rain, but things cleared up just in time and the boat ride with smartscout25, Ypsimom, and Captain Mike was awesome!

We were working on the island loop, but I know this was the focus for the three of us. Lovely area. It definitely rings as a place for a geocache. And looky there: there’s the geocache.

It is always so satisfying finding what one seeks. All is in good shape here.

Thank you for keeping this one going so we could experience it today; I appreciate it.

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