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21-06-29 GC256F

Took the circuitous route from the Warren, PA webcam here. Along the way, a road was closed unexpectantly because a tree had fallen across the road. That required a re-routing. Elizabeth, my dotty Google Assistant, thought it best to drive down a gravel road for six miles rather than go on another road that was paved.

Eventually, I made it here. I parked at the gate and then began to bundle up. I was about 400′ away, but the flies were gathering for an attack. They were all over the driver’s side window and side mirror. I was going to don my hiking shoes, but that would require to open the door and sit and be attacked. I opted to go in the flip flops I had on. Frankly, the flies left me alone.

I encountered a very large irrigation system in my short walk. Odd.

Got to the area, stopped, and tried to figure out where the sign was. Yes, I was expecting a metal sign. Nope, right next to me was the marble. D’oh!

Nicely done. I figure someone in a hundred or so years will stumble across this and wonder why it is buried. 🙂

Thank you for highlighting this; I appreciate it!

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