Pirate & Crafty’s WebCam Cache

21-06-29 GCMHEM

41.844767 -79.135067

This was an adventure! I had an hour+ drive to get to Indiana, PA. Then it was more than two hours to get from that webcam to this one. Found the webcam without a hitch. Alas, my Internet service crapped out right as I approached. Sigh . . .

I went to ring the doorbell. Just as I reached for the bell, the door opened and the pirate himself appeared. I think we startled each other. 🙂

Had a little trouble connecting, but it all worked out in the end. The pirate was quite helpful and ended up e-mailing me the webcam image. I am forever grateful for his assistance as I would not have been able to log this otherwise.

Thank you for keeping this one going; I certainly appreciate it!

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