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21-06-29 GCH774

43.140817 -79.038617

This grand tour is now eight days long. It has been a fairly comfortable pace until today. Today I had an agenda and I was off to a poor start because I slept too far away from my first stop. I was determined to arrive here by 5:00. I moved. And I made it at about 4:15.

As soon as I entered, I met Sara. Sara has to be the nicest receptionist ever. She knew right away I was a geocacher. THen she scrunched her face. Before I would permit her to say what she wanted, I explained eight days of driving, flat tires, hotels, money, etc. Of course the webcam is available!

She went onto explain that it has been down for “many days.” But hearing my disappointment, she made a phone call to Kathy. Kathy spent some time attempting to reboot the system to get it operational. No dice. But I was invited to the webcam. Kathy took my photograph at the webcam. It is in the house at the exhibit atop the escalotors and to the right. Kathy also let me know they have made a service call to get this fixed.

Kathy also suggested I take a photograph of myself with another cam that only displays on a screen (atop the escalators). I was told of an older webcam (the one FormalData used). Unfortunately, they closed the lower level (also where the dedication plaque is) early and they wouldn’t let me down there. 🙁

If the CO would like me to change this log to a note, please let me know.

Afterwards, I headed over to the falls. It will be 33 years ago Thursday when I was last here (day after the Grateful Dead show in Rochester).

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