Blackout Micro Objective – Research – 50

Increase your understanding of “dark matter”.
1) BEFORE you watch the above video, rate your knowledge of dark matter on a scale of 1-10, where one means you’ve never heard of the term “dark matter” before and ten means you’ve published a scientific journal article on the subject.

2) Watch the Sci Show video about “Dark Matter” matter, which is posted above.

3) Did you learn anything? Rate your knowledge of dark matter AFTER watching the video using the same scale you did previously.

4) In the comments below, post your before and after ratings of your knowledge of dark matter.

My knowledge of dark matter is a two only because I have heard of it, but frankly I haven’t a clue as to what it is. It deals with matter in space. Perhaps that bumps me to a three.

After watching the video, I would rate my knowledge of dark matter at no higher than a four . . . perhaps a three. I understood what the guy said, I just can’t grasp how we measure something that we can only infer. I would have probably enjoyed this discussion as an undergraduate. At this stage in my life, well, there are some things I don’t understand and likely never will. Dark matter is among those.

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