Blackout – Media – 150

Watch and review any modern day black and white movie.
When you think of black and white movies, you most likely think of the classics. But did you know that they’re still producing black and white movies today?

1) Choose any black and white movie that debuted in or after 2000. (Google “modern day black and white movies” and you’ll be presented with plenty of options.

2) Watch you chosen black and white.

3) In the comments below, tell us:

What movie you chose.

How many stars (out of four) would you award your movie? (0= No redeeming qualities, 4= Best movie ever!)

Why do you think the director chose to present the film in black and white? Do you think the film benefitted from this artistic choice?

Looking at various lists of black and white movies released since 2000 produced a handful I was interested in. I opted to watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Justice Is Gray.

The Justice League is not something I am really into. I like classic Batman, but the Justice League always seemed like a forced entity (like the Avengers). Furthermore, I have not kept up on the DC movies of late so am not familiar with the storyline. Even so, I took this on.

Four hours. Yikes!

Why was this produced in black and white? The best I can ascertain is that Snyder envisioned it this way all along. Why? I can’t figure out.

The black and white did not bother me for this film, but I also do not think it enhanced the film. I generally think of black and white enhancing noir films or horro flicks. Superhero films are over-the-top (as this one is) and thus play color up big.

The underwater scenes, in particular, seemed to lose something without color.

This was really long. I wasn’t that into it. I definitely would not rate it a 4. It wasn’t a horrible movie. I’ll give it a 3, but I would not delve into this again.

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