You be the Judge

21-07-18 GC6M64D

48.097017 -97.449433

As we drove toward this one, I read the cache description. We recognized Larry’s Cryptex from Mingo Madness and then found out this on was at Trycacheus’s house. We were greeted by the dogs who did a good job protecting. We then got to work. And work honker_doo did. Item after item proved worng. 🙁 About then the CO, Trycacheus, came out to greet us. What a pleasure!

We have now enjoyed two days caching this area (mostly your caches) and have loved them all. The caches are well maintained, straightforward in their mechanisms, and work flawlessly. I am most impresssed!

Enjoyed chatting with you. The dogs warmed up and it was great hanging out. honker_doo was successful and we were able to sign the log and get a few photographs with the man himself.

Thank you so much for all the work you have put in to make our game board fun to play; I appreciate it.

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