Higbee Beach Fly

21-08-12 Higbee Beach FLy

Decided to head to Cape May to fly this morning. My thinking was Poverty Beach early. Yeah, didn’t happen. First off, Poverty Beach now requires beach tags. 🙁 More problematic is that the beach is now cordoned off. With sunbathers already present there was not enough room for me.

I then went to the south point past the Jetty Motel. That too is cordoned off. It doesn’t even look like one can walk to the lighthouse from here. 🙁

Next stop was Sunset Beach. There is a new parking lot. That’s nice. There is signage welcoming one to Higbee Beach WMA. That is new. While this area is part of the WMA, it was never highlighted as such. A stroll out to the beach brought bad news as sunbathers were already crowded on this section. Really?

I relocated to the regular Higbee Beach entry out New England Road. The lot was full. I turned down the hardpack to go to the ferry jetties. Yeah, there was room here.

The Levitation went right up. Beautiful wind. I was near what’s left of the tree of life. I eventually tethered the kite to it and used the stump as a chair. Smiles. 🙂

After a bit, I tried to get the ITW Rocky Mountain DC up for its maiden flight. Yeah, didn’t happen. The wind was rather calm. While the Levitation was up and holding steady, launching something else didn’t want to happen. I put it away for a while.

More folks showed up and strolled along. I gave the Rocky Mountain another go. Still nothing.

Loved being on the beach this morning. The Cape Henlopen sailed by. Other boats and jetskis motored by.

I then attempted the Rocky Mountain again. Up it went! 🙂 It definitely feels like it needs more wind than the Levitation. It went up, but not quite as high as the Levitation.

Nice to have two kites in the air at once.

The wind became a bit inconsistent. The delta that had held strong all morning, began moving about. The Rocky Mountain was falling. I tightened it up, let it out, tightened it up, etc. for several minutes. Then I brought it down. Then I decided to bring down the Levitation. All was going well and then the wind disappeared. Down came the kite. On the dune. In the briars. Yikes!

It took a little bit to retrieve it. I got a few briars embedded in me, but I got it.

In the end, I flew for about an hour, 20 minutes. Wonderful way to spend the morning.

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