As I work through the backlog (really not the correct term) of podcasts from The Minimalists, I listened to the Hoarding podcast recently. Right off the bat they joked about not being able to take our things with us when we die. It was profferred that no one has ever seen a Hearst towing a U-haul.

This brings up something I have made clear to the executor of my wil; namely, I desire to be cremated. Even more than that, however, I do not desire that my ashes be placed in an urn and presumably me either placed on a mantle or interred at a cemetery. Personally, I would like to be discarded with whatever is left in the kiln. My admittedly clueless understanding of the process is that the kiln must have some residual stuff in it that gets cleaned out. To me, that is what my burned body is. Ashes to ashes.

There are probably laws that forbid my desire. If so, sprinkle those ashes somewhere. If it provides meaning/context for you to do so in a place that you think I would have approved, do so. If not, do so. It will not matter to me, obviously.

The importance here, however, is that in death I don’t become a thing. There won’t be mementos, items that belonged to Dad/Grandpa/etc. to be disbursed among the family. That includes ashes of my body.

My sister claims that everyone should have a marker to demonstrate that he once graced this planet. It serves as a focal point for future generations to point to. Hell, I have gone to Arlington plenty to “visit” relatives. I get the idea. For me, however, my mark on this world should not be stuff I leave behind (and a marker, grave, etc. isn’t even mine as they will all be created after I am dead). Rather, my mark will be the influence I had on those living. I hope that is positive, but perhaps not. Some might talk about the SOB I was. Others might extol a lesson I illustrated for them.

And then there’s this blog. It is a thing. A virtual thing, but a thing nonetheless. It will still exist in my death. And if my children decide to continue to pay for its hosting, it’ll continue. If it is not meaningful to them to do so, then it won’t. It will be their decision.

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