Love Preserved

You so want revenge
hurt her like she hurt you

After all these years
you still envision
her crawling back
begging forgiveness
appealing to your nobility

You want that
relish in your glory

You have written
the ending
scorning her
mic drop!

your heart's scar
knows better

I'm here to remind you
in '91
when I was created
amid your heartbreak
you lifted my corner
and tucked your love
for her  beneath

I keep Tuppence

It's okay
I am calloused over
love preserved

The local public library has a poetry group I am part of. I missed July’s session as I was out of town. We were actually assigned homework, the first ever since I’ve been involved.

Write a list of scars/piercings/tattoos/injuries/emotional scars count

Write a poem in the voice of one of the above
a. having a conversation about you
b. having a conversation with you speaking about . . . 

The above is my offering.

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