Sheesh, Red cross

21-08-27 Red Cross Blood Donation Gone Bad

As I consider my life and what I do, it is important that I contribute. That is the reason I am a school teacher. I wanted to provide more to my community. In more recent years, I have taken to donating blood.

It seems that I struggle with the Red Cross. Globally, I am fine with the organization. It’s the details of the actual donation that frustrate me.

I was denied donating a couple years ago because I had had foot surgery and the wound was still not healed. Despite the local group running behind much of the time delaying my donation, they will squeeze someone ahead of me. I never complain, but when I was late for an appointment, they told me I would wait three hours. I have had more than one blood donation cancelled, sometimes unknown until I show up to donate.

Enough of that happened that I stopped donating several months ago. Screw ’em.

But as reflect on my life, I realize these inconveniences shouldn’t dissuade me from giving. I give because others benefit from it. Get over myself and think of the benefits.

With that in mind, I once again downloaded the app and made an appointment. It doesn’t appear that the local Elks club is running these anymore. Perhaps that will help with some of the issues. Who knows? Wanting to get back on the band wagon, I made an appointment for today in Hammonton.

I went out to the volunteer fire department, checked in, and had my blood drawn. All went well.

The lady who processed me was not the one who wrapped me up at the end. It felt as though there was some tension among the workers and one girl was left to deal with those of us on the benches. She unhooked me, bandaged me, and sent me for my water and cookies. As I reached to unscrew the water bottle, I noticed there was blood everywhere. I brought that to their attention. The lady who had done most of the work came over and cleaned me up, re-wrapped me, etc. She pointed out that I did not have the elastic bands applied to my bandage and that I should ask for them each time.

Yup, I always have these appiled. I suspect the girl who finished me took a short-cut. She didn’t acknowledge the flub, apologize, or otherwise address me. Pretty certain my shorts are ruined. I have them in the washer as we speak, but I don’t expect the blood to come out well.

Not a good way to bring me back into the fold of donating.

On the positive side, three people will benefit from this donation. 🙂

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