Have you ever felt regret after letting something go?


Prior to letting things go, I was fearful that I would regret letting go. That is why getting rid of stuff took so long.

I progressed in several stages. As I did, I felt better and better. At each stage, it was easier and easier to rid myself of what was left. When I moved out of the house, I just walked away from everything else. How freeing!

I have not regretted one thing I no longer have.

I consider that is because there’s been a mind shift that has occurred within me. The stuff I currently own I like and use. I live a full life. I no longer seek more stuff. Likewise what I have is what I need/want to live the life I want.

Yes, I am aware that some stuff will find its way out the door at some point and new stuff will come in. As I change, the things around will change. But it’s just stuff. It can always be replaced.

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