What methods do you recommend for getting to sleep?

Advice sought, none to provide. Rather, I will explore what I do. Maybe it will resonate with you.

During 2011 was the first time I truly addressed my health. I had become a middle-aged potato. I began working out. Hard. Really hard. As the potato shape left me, I began to be more active. I investigated eating better. I worked out even harder.

In all that, I recognized that I slept better. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t pumped full of caffeine from Diet Coke. Perhaps because I was tired from working out. Perhaps because I had a clear mind. Or more likely, because of all three of the above, I slept better.

Over the last decade I have accepted the idea that if I lead an active day, I sleep well. I try not to make exceptions.

Last evening was such an example. I’ve just started back to work. There’s no tired like the first week of school tired. Yet, I wanted to “accomplish” something at home. But as the evening wore on, I knew I was tired. It would do me no good to remain awake for something non-essential as I would pay for it today by dragging, being cranky, etc. I bet it wasn’t 10 seconds after I put my head to the pillow that I was asleep.

Lead a full day. I do believe a mix of physical and mental work sufficiently tires my body to the point where sleep is not an issue for me.

The only times I can recall where sleep has been an issue is when I have things on my mind. My simple lifestyle doesn’t put a lot of things that weigh on me into that heavy thought process, so my mind is clear. I am at peace.

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