Florida, Day 1

21-11-03 Florida, Day 1

Last evening I flew to Florida to visit my mother. She will turn 81 this month. My sister and I have arrived to spend several days with her celebrating.

We began the day with presents: two bottles of Mission Spirits Heretic spiced rum (118 proof). We put up a banner and then spent the afternoon delving into Hunt a Killer.

Back in May for Mother’s Day, I sent Mom a subscription to this. Each month she received a box in which a murder and its suspects unfold. I thought it would be an interesting thing for her to work through. She found it complicated and not something she knew what to do. The three of us worked through the first two (of six) boxes. We like this! Yes, it’s better with three than it would be for one.

We broke for dinner. Since it’s Wednesday, we headed to Cody’s for two-for-one fajitas. Good times! Mom wore her Happy Birthday tiara. Lots of folks wished her a happy birthday. Cody’s purchased her a dessert.

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