Florida, Day 4

21-11-06 Florida, Day 4


We (my mother and sister) spent four days working on the Hunt a Killer Curtain Call murder mystery. We pretty much were on a deadline to get this done today as I fly out tomorrow.

Episode 5 took us a bit. We had a suspect to eliminate pretty well in hand, but there was a lot of evidence. We began seeing how some stuff tied in with earlier stuff, so we spent a long time ensuring we had everything lined up.

Episode 6 too had some stumbles. It took us over three hours to complete. Again, we were able to eliminate suspects, but I thought the assuredness of one of them was not as solid as it could be. We pored over lots.

We had to reach back to previous evidence. Of course, with three people on the case, we had different ways of dealing with that. Eventually, we all agreed on who did it, why that person did it, and where the jewels were hidden.

And Hunt a Killer let us down. Our submission was rejected time after time. It was so bad, someone said, “Makes me not want to buy another game.” It was disappointing.

I got involved at that point. I wrote the company. No feedback on the weekend. I submitted. We were down to three suspects. All were rejected. Over and over I tried different things. Eventually, an alternate spelling and not submitting the location proved successful.

That helped bring back our smiles. I also began reading discussion boards online. This stumble is prevalent.

For dinner, we went to a dinner theatre, one I had been to 21 years ago. The buffet was actually better than I expected. I had plenty of beef and pork. I shied away from the fish and fried chicken.

We saw My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish, and I’m Home for the Holidays. This is a one-man show. Funny. He played the typical funny lines of Jews and Italians. He was not offensive. I thought the first set was uproarious. The second set wasn’t quite as electric for me.

The room was solidly white. The number of people who were younger than I could be counted on one hand . . . with a finger or two missing.

Good times!

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