Opting Out

There’s a part of me that likes to run counter to the crowd. For many years I think I thought that was a good way to be noticed. If everyone is moving left and I move right, well, folks will notice me. And that may have been an underlying trait to what I did.

These days, however, opting out is not for other people. It’s not to get me noticed. It’s because I choose to. It’s what I want.

Twenty-five years ago I was astonished that my sister did not have cable television. I recall stating to our parents, “Who doesn’t have cable? Who doesn’t take a newspaper?”

I have neither these days. Neither serve my interests in 2021. I have opted out.

For almost 13 years I did not log geocaches. I had opted out of the community. Even now, while I do log my finds these days, I go about playing differently than most. I do it the way that I comfortable with. Streaks don’t interest me. Events usually don’t either.

I don’t do reunions. Nor small talk.

I don’t do what a lot of people consider normal. Whatever those things are, I have decided they don’t fit who I am and what I choose to do.

I would never proclaim that I am impervious to advertising, but I don’t feel a need to be trendy. I have no streaming services. I am actually working on an idea where I would give up Internet access in my home including my cellphone. I don’t know if that will come to fruition, but it may. I want to opt out of being tracked by Google.

Opting out permits me to pursue what I what rather than be beholden to expectations. How freeing!

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