Gotham Central (2002-) #1

Gotham Central (2002-) #1Gotham Central (2002-) #1 by Ed Brubaker
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I’ve been hemming and hawing about rejoining DC Universe. ‘Twas looking online for some guidance. Saw some guy recommend to find something that interests you and just go for it. Fritz and I were at the comic book store today browsing. I had decided to look for this. Yeah, they had a few issues, but nothing contiguous. Tried to get into a few other runs to find something missing. Finally decided to bite the bullet and re-up DC Universe. Less stuff, cleaner, and everything (virtually) is available.

Began with this. Like the art. It reminds me of Year One, even though it’s a different artist. Came to this run because I like Brubaker. Guy I watched said to follow the creators, not the character. The Fade Out is still probably my favorite series.

Anyhow, was surprised to find Mister Freeze in issue one. Fritz loves him. He takes out a cop. This looks like it will be a gritty series. That’s what I am hoping for. The partner, who was left alive for some reason, has asked not to have The Bat called in to help. Let the cops deal with the revenge.

This all sets up for the kind of story I am looking for.

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