How to Be Happy Now

As I re-build this blog, I am doing a fair amount of reminiscing. This morning I am re-living a day at the Cape May County Park & Zoo I spent with the family 14 years ago. Earlier as I lay in bed, I was thinking about how things would be in a couple years when I retired.

Both thoughts were pleasant. But why can’t I just focus on now and be happy with that?

My Bull in a China Shop daughter dictates everything when she is here. She scraped up my floor as she entered yesterday. She dragged us to Red Lobster, order $50+ worth of food and then refused to eat it. My son‘s feet stink to high heaven. And I’ll spend the next day and a half running around South Jersey chauffeuring them around.

Even the event for me tomorrow night is fraught with regret already. It’s a long way on a school night. I’ll be dragging Monday morning.

Why so glum? Why can’t I be excited and sparkly right now?

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