How can you best express the benefits of minimalism to others?

Haven’t a clue.

I don’t speak about my simple lifestyle with others. My family members are aware of it, but it’s not a topic of discussion. Just like someone else’s stuff isn’t a topic of conversation either. Mind your own business, people.

I do not proselytize. That is off-putting.

I write about what I am doing in my journal/blog. I make that public. If someone stumbles across this and finds value, awesome. If another reads it and is turned off, so be it. I will probably not know either way.

While getting to a simple lifestyle has worked extremely well for me, I don’t necessarily think it’s the correct path for everyone. I lose weight by eating a carnivore diet. I do not think that is the path for everyone either. You do you. I’ll do me.

What I do has been picked up from what I have observed from others and then tailored to fit what I perceive will work best for me. I like me. I like the life I’m living. At some point, I may decide that something needs to adjust. If so, I will adjust. I suspect others approach life similarly. I am a single man living alone at the end of his career preparing to move many states away. That just may influence some of my decisions. If that isn’t you, perhaps my recipe isn’t for you.

The minimalist/simplicity space is full of judgement and advice. I hope to offer none of each. Rather, I describe what I am doing and how it works for me. That is all.

I don’t look for advice; I look for processes. By constantly self examining my life, I place each process I come across within my framework. Some take and work well for me. Most I reject as not being for me.

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