When Do We Stop Wanting MORE?

Mia addresses a topic in the above that has hit me of late: When do we stop wanting more?

The first half of the video is absolutely not what is affecting me. It’s not the boredom/discontentment feeling. I understand that and yes, I have felt it too.

It’s this constant yearning for the next thing. Dad was a jack of all trades: bridge, woodworking, pocketbooks, models, terrariums, plants, computers, etc. I am very much of that same ilk.

As I have pared down, I keep thinking it’s so I can fully immerse myself into something. The nagging question has been: what will I immerse myself into? And each project, activity, etc. has failed to fulfill me, as it were.

I had a thought recently that I think really sums it up for me: I am enough right now.

There is nothing new to add. I don’t need a new thing/activity/whatever. Right now, my life is good for me.

Intellectually, I know my life will change over time. It will do so, not by a shopping spree or some sort of researched pursuit of something new, but by living my life. Maybe someone will enter my life. Maybe I will learn of something new that I pursue. Whatever way it happens, it will happen then, not now.

And because of that, I need to be far more open to living now. I’ve done the work I need to do to cultivate a rich life. Now, embrace the riches that this life has for me.

It is the present that is my present. Rejoice in that!

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