Rise and shine, Avalon!

21-12-29 GC9K69Y

39.098217 -74.712167

Since the summer, I have not cached much. But there is this challenge that I want to complete and that meant finding some caches this month including an event.

Having this week off, it wasn’t difficult making the drive down. Arrived right at 7:00. It was an overcast morning; no spectacular sunrise this morning. Let’s face it, any time my feet can be on sand, particularly Atlantic coast sand, is good. Never spent a lot of time in Avalon having grown up in Cape May, but on my way in spotted various locations I have cached at over the years.

Met up with softball29  and JK186. A lovely morning. A little later Pez Girl and Forbez arrived. We had a nice time as the sun rose. Always enjoy a sand logbook. 🙂

Headed to Uncle Bill’s for breakfast and more socializing.

Thank you for hosting this small but friendly event; I appreciate it.

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