Knee Replacement, A Week Later

Post-Knee Replacement

Last week I had my right knee replaced. It’s been an amazing week.

I have walked ever since. That just baffles me. No, I am not walking well. I used a cane the first couple days. I used a walker on Sunday and Monday. I am back to the cane.

I began physical therapy on Monday. I felt great. I had my second session today. It hurt. The bike absolutely killed me.

I felt great the day of the surgery. As promised, days two and three were a bit rougher. The pain medication is doing its work. I thought there just was no pain, so we backed off the medications a bit. Yeah, pain demonstrated indeed it was present. Back to the schedule. The good stuff ends early tomorrow. We shall see how that affects things.

All in all, things are going well. I can walk. It no longer hurts getting out of the chair. Sleep has bee tough the last couple nights. Getting comfortable is a problem.

My leg is not perfectly straight. I need to be better with stretching so I am not yelled at next week.

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