Fantasy Photographer

Yesterday as I hiked Cattus Island I came upon a photographer. He and I were going the same direction, although I a little faster than he. We encountered each other a few times.

I noted he had a camera bag strapped across his body. It looked like a Mountainsmith, but I don’t think it was. He had a camera with a fairly large lens. He was taking photographs of the area. What an area it is!

As I hiked back and once again encountered him, I thought to myself, “Yeah, I would never bring gear like that out here for what I’m doing.” And I wouldnt. I like to travel lightly. I didn’t even bring a GPSr. I went into the woods with merely a cellphone! As I considered it more, I applauded myself for not giving into purchasing DSLR camera equipment the several times I have considered it over the years.

I once thought I could see myself as a photographer. Hell, I have over 180,000 photographs! I am a photographer. But these are taken with point-and-shoots and cellphones. Why? Because I always have that with me. I would not be carting around a DSLR with me as I hot the trails. A DSLR would be a planned outing.

That’s not me.

That would be commitment. That would be work. I would need to study. I would need software to edit. It would be time-consuming.

I would not do this. I don’t have time to do that kind of work. I would not dedicate enough time from my recreational time to practice to become proficient.

Yet, tonight there I was researching cameras. I became excited after watching Jim Quinn’s interview of Bart Feldman. I have dealt with Bart and his brother Michael for 23 years now. I want to be the guy with the good equipment and the amazing photographs.

But . . . but . . . but . . . all those reasons I just went through yesterday.

I have my activities. I have plenty to do. I promised myself nothing new until the blog was caught up. This is my project. I dont need to add a new one at this point.

While I am much better, there is the nagging for more. I dont need more at this point.

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