Social Distancing at the Sportsplex #7

22-03-24 GC8ZNZ5

35.113217 -80.7002

This was the last one of the series I did. There was a guy mowing the grass on the field nearby. I recall caching with ski 20 years ago (thought it was this one, but it looks like ski never did this and it doesn’t look like this is at a municipal field, so I haven’t a clue as to what cache I am thinking of) and seeing a similar situation. We both agreed that this is an ideal job. One gets to hang outside. He has no one bothering him. Where I am from, the rider has an air conditioned booth for him to sit in. Up and down. Back and forth. Over and over. No one to squawk at you. Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me.

Anyhow, while he was at the other end, I found this one and logged in. Despite there being another cache not too far, it would take me further from the rental. It was time to begin the long journey home. That includes a stop here in St. Louis. Here I sit at a bar with a most friendly barkeep logging this morning’s finds with a glow going. 🙂

Thank you for the fun; I appreciate it!

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