Maurice River Trail – 1

22-04-05 GC97XV6

39.399417 -75.0445

Well, I saw the caches along the path were rehabilitated. Thank you. I went and found #3. Yeah! With spirits high, I strolled over here. I spotted a new item mentioned in the clue that I did not see last time. Great excitement filled me. Alas, that was not the geocache.

Then I began the familiar circling that I have done here before. I found a lid to a gelato container. Perhaps that was the cache, but I couldn’t reconcile where it would have been hidden despite the other item mentioned in the clue.

Around and around I went. Finally, I accepted defeat. I am just not in sync with the caches along here. I read Alex’s log that stated the coordinates were soft. I expanded and expanded. #3 was very soft for me too. Perhaps I have not expanded far enough. Perhaps I am just missing it. I must be since this was just replaced.

Don’t know how to remedy my ills with this one. I’ll keep an eye out when others find it. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

Thank you for placing this headscratcher for me; I appreciate it.

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