Mural Art in Atlantic City Bonus Cache

22-04-05 GC9QRGA

39.353667 -74.457 (disguised)

Woke up hurting. Too many miles yesterday and not enough calories. Dragged myself out for breakfast and decided to drive over to Atlantic City to bang out this new Adventure Lab. Overcast morning and a couple raindrops but nothing to keep me from enjoying myself.

Received the coordinates and took the drive over. Had a déjà vu moment as this area reminds me of my first day of caching more than two decades ago. Found a geocache six blocks from here.

As I approached, I heard someone say, “Too far.” I looked up and saw 1Husky scoping things out. Always nice to meet folks on the hunt. We had a pleasant chat.

Thank you for the nice Adventure Lab and bonus; I appreciate it.

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