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When a former girlfriend and I broke up 30 years ago, I had some stuff in the house in Maine. We broke up in Bermuda and I lived in Boston. Despite the girl and her parents encouraging me to go to Maine to get my items, I was unwilling to do so. Should something happen after that, everyone would suspect I had a hand in it. A door left open, a leaky faucet, whatever.

The girl flew up, we went to Maine, I got whatever it was that was there, and then we drove to Cape May to deposit my stuff from Boston as I relocated to begin school.

Whilst in Maine, I did retrieve my belongings, I did not retrieve my gum boots. That has always stuck with me. I liked them and they were needlessly forgotten. There was not to be a second trip to the house.

I wonder what happened to those boots. I wonder if they would have lasted 30 years to today. Doubtful.

When I moved out after the divorce, I had the luxury of planning that move. And I did. While I have thought of an item or two since I left that I could have easily ask for, I will not permit myself to do so. I am where I want to be with my belongings. There is nothing I left behind that I need. It was a conscious decision to leave what I did. I won’t ask for it now.

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