“If you don’t take risks, you’re wasting everybody’s time”

There you have it; someone else who discards me.

That was Mark Laita in his Koncrete interview. I like Leito and I am a fan of his interviews. He states over and over how he is nonjudgmental, yet he totally dismisses me with this throwaway line.

I have found throughout my life that lots of people do this.

Over and over I am marginalized. I have spent my life feeling as though I have no outlet for my voice. Is it any wonder that I have longed for community in my life? I’m 56 and still on the sidelines. It may even explain my adversity to risk. 😉

Yes, I am risk-adverse. I could lament being Willie Loman, but I don’t. I am happy. I have no rgrets. Perhaps things would have been different had I been riskier. But if I am happy now, what would have been the outcome of a different approach? Happier? Perhaps. Or maybe I wouldn’t have made it. Risk does not guarantee success.

Laita should be content to state that he takes risks and for him, that is the correct approach. Don’t attempt to belittle others for not being like you.

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