Milestone Trail – 200 Finds in a Day Challenge

22-04-11 GC58DTX

40.72595 -95.8115

Found it!

This was not on the agenda for today. One of the reasons for my flight out here is to finish the I-29 challenge. I had two Iowa caches pinpointed for what I needed, but I DNFd one of them. No worries, I found a substitute. Turns out the substitute was 10.5 miles away from the second I needed; they need to be within 10 miles. Sigh . . .

Back to the drawing board. Saw this was much closer and came and made the find. Woo hoo!

Log is damp as the container had water in it. Dumped the water. I was able to sign the log.

I qualify for this with 237 caches found on 7 May 2021. That was the Mingo Madness event. 😁

Thank you for placing this for me to find today; I appreciate it.

Also blogged on this date . . .

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