1840 Shawnee Indian Cemetery

22-04-12 GCA555

39.021117 -94.712317

A cache so nice I found it twice!

‘Tis true. Back in 2006 I was here visiting my sister. She brought me here. At that time I didn’t log caches. Finally registered a new account in 2016. I like revisiting some of these caches far from home. Flew out the other day and have been touring the countryside. Finished up with the To-Do list, but I still wanted this one. Had the wrong GC# so went and found a different cache before this. Had to message my sister. She came up with it. She no longer lives here. Turns out this was here very first find. That confuses me because I know she lived in Iowa when the GPSr was gifted to her. Must have waited a couple years. 😁

Lovely location. It’s nice to be back.

Thank you for keeping this one going so I could return to it; I appreciate it.

Also blogged on this date . . .

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