How do you find new meaning in life when the meaning you wanted is no longer an option?

Read this blog. Ha!

Once upon a time I thought I wanted the American Dream: wife, children, house, fence, puppies. I had that. It was ripped away from me. During the course of living that life, I guess I have had enough of that not to want to return to it in the future.

So, I pick up the pieces and move forward. Not only is that the right thing for me to do, it’s the only option.

I am not going to sit around and wallow. The tagline of this site right now is inhaling roses. I want to suck up what life has for me. I traveled a lot last year. I am fixing some physical issues right now so I can continue enjoying life’s offerings.

As for meaning, I am not certain there is any. As I reasoned in my philosophy independent study my senior year at Muhlenberg, while there may not be any meaning, one can certainly have fun. And that’s what I am doing.

I have no overall plan for my life. I try to do good, be pleasant, and enjoy what I come across. That’s enough for me.

I’ve procreated. I’ve done my animal duty. I am at the end of serving society with my job. It’s okay to ride out the wave.

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