I-29 Interstate Highway Challenge

47.92185 -97.10155


We all have different approaches to how we geocache. I am one who does not usually like to sign challenge caches unless I have already qualified. Why? It creates work for me. It sits there taunting me. It’s like I’ve done the work (found the cache) but haven’t gotten the credit. So, I don’t usually sign challenges ahead of time.

But other people play differently. And there we were last July geocaching North Dakota when flowers22 began navigating us to a lot of challenges. This was one of them that I figured I would never log as that was the first time ever in North Dakota. I didn’t see Iowa along I-29 ever coming into my life.

Advance forward to late February. My new knee began feeling better and I began looking at a bunch of these challenges. It was then I hatched a plan. I flew out to KC the other day and decided to get the MO and IA caches. Of course, I DNFd the first IA cache I had targeted. The substitute was 10.5 miles from the second targeted, so once again I had to find a substitute. But it has all worked out! Woo hoo!

This has turned out to be a most satisfying experience. Thank you for the challenge; I appreciate it.

North Dakota
GC2J5FH Trading post 152 18 July 2021
GC2YA59 Am I Blue? 18 July 2021

South Dakota
GC61WB0 138 – Run to the Border (N) 22 July 2021
GC61X6W 46 – Run From the Border (S) 22 July 2021

GC58DQK Milestone Trail – Century 1 Difficulty Challenge 11 April 2022
GC58DTX Milestone Trail – 200 Finds in a Day Challenge 11 April 2022

GC8AQ62 Saint Francis’s Mailbox 12 April 2022
GC3NXMV Puppy Play Place 12 April 2022

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