Maddening “Revenue”

Government is in a consistent state of funding sources. I maintain that government should state what percentage it is entitled to of our money and stick to that. Make it work. But it doesn’t. It keeps looking for new ways to extract money from the populace.

The current tax the rich scheme is ludicrous. While it sounds good as a slogan, just thinking about it reveals how illogical it is.

The current proposal is to tax future capital gains. The idea is that the wealthy has much wealth wrapped up in investments that has yet to be taxed. The reason it hasn’t been taxed is that it is not realized yet.

If I hold 1,000 shares of Apple stock, the government sees $165,460 sitting there to be taxed. But when I get around to seeling those 1,000 shares, I may lose money on the deal. But if government has already extracted taxes on $165,460, then what is my recourse?

It is truly maddening.

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