This is a post in the My Things series on this blog. In it I chronicle items I own. I seek to describe why I own the item, whence it came, and what value it provides . . . and any other tidbits of interest.

This is another purchase from my barbecue days. Interestingly, my mother had purchased me an instant read thermomenter. It was an inexpensive Taylor, I believe. But it wasn’t as fast as the high-tech Thermapen that all the barbecue guys endorsed. So, I purchased a much larger thermomenter for $80 (it was on sale) that requries batteries. Sigh . . .

Despite the lousy purchase reasoning, I do like this product. I haven’t needed it much here at the apartment, but I do envision barbecuing returning to my life when I retire. And having a thermometer is good to have in a kitchen.

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