She Never Kissed Me

Weird evening. Things have been going very well with me for some time now. The change is that I returned to work yesterday after four months off for my knee replacement surgery. That, however, cannot be the reason I began thinking about my failed marriage. Not certain how I arrived at that, but there I was pondering something.

For the record:

  • I have accepted that all that went wrong is ultimately my fault.
  • I have forgiven my ex-wife for any transgressions.
  • At some point after the above, I forgave myself. I have moved on.

But there I was today considering a few things all the while recommiting to the above.

It was then when something new revealed itself to me. My ex-wife never kissed me once we were married.

I would lean in for a kiss occasionally. She always turned and offered her cheek. Not once did she ever approach me and kiss me. Never provided a peck as she left the house or rolled over to go to sleep.


I never noted that before. It seems like that would be something that would stand out, yet no.

Oh, well. It won’t weigh me down. I just find it interesting that there is a revelation so long after the fact. That is all. Onward . . .

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