We are theatregoers. It began with my parents taking me. It continued through college. It now continues with my own children. My son and I attended Pippin tonight.

This is a show I had never seen. I didn’t have any preconceived notions of this other than I thought it was from the classic period of theatre. At lunch today I asked if anyone was familiar with it. Julie Testa lighted up and explained I would love it. She couldn’t enlighten me regarding the plot but stated it was from the 1970s. That surprised me.

At home I read something that stated Pippin was in the era/style of Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Godspell, and other rock operas of the time. That is not how I envisioned this play. Yet, it was very much that.

Upon entering the theatre, many of the actors were on stage. The guys were dressed in leather, the gals in fishnet stockings. It looked like a brothel. And that is how it remained for the entire show.

The plot was Pippin, Charlemagne’s son, seeking meaning in his life. He goes through many interations with the Leading Player guiding him through the path.

In the end, Pippin chooses love, much to the chagrin of the Leading Player.

I enjoyed the story. The setting was weird. I struggled with the bawdy nature of the actors. I didn’t see how it served a purpose let alone the plot. Fritz stated not all productions are staged that way. I don’t know, but it seems odd little ol’ Pitman would be on the cutting edge.

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