Alice in Wonderland

22-04-30 Alice in Wonderland

There are fond memories of the children acting in Alice in Wonderland while at St. Mary School. Beetle was a most excellent Queen of Hearts.

Fast forward nearly six years and Beetle auditioned and landed her signature role once again in the Cumberland Players rendition of this story. It was to be staged a month or two ago. For some reason, it was postponed until this weekend.

It took several e-mails to figure out whether I had tickets or not. I didn’t. I purchased two tickets (Fritz and me) to take in this encore performance.

But on Monday it was brought to my attention my daughter quit the play. Apparently, the director noted a lot of anxiety with Beetle and as that was being addressed, the decision was made to leave the performance. I was also told that she has decided not to pursue theatre at college. Of course, that was the impetus for selecting her college.

The struggles of teenagers.

I don’t know what will happen going forward.

Anyhow, tonight was the performance. Fritz and I attended. The director approached me to make certain I knew what had happened. She didn’t want me sitting there wondering where my daughter was. 🙂

The play began at least six minutes late. I think it was closer to 10. At 7:45, the show was over.

It was an interesting performance. It may not have impressed us as much as we had hoped. We’ll leave it at that.

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