11 Spots You Forgot to Declutter

Kallie knows how to write a title to get folks to watch. It, however, represents what I loathe about the simple living space: folks impartng advice to others they do not know. My approach is to detail what I have experienced and how that has affected things for me. Perhaps that will resonate with someone who can gain through reading/viewing that. One thing I have learned in this life is that one-fit-for-all solutions do not work.

Kallie proclaimed there are 11 spots I forgot to declutter. Let’s have a look.

  1. Socks
    Wanting to avoid the lost/missing sock, I adopted a different approach to socks than I have had previously. I have two styles of socks: dress and sport. I own three sets of each. All my dress socks are alike. All my sport socks are alike. Six socks of each. They match. Thus far in nearly two years, I have not lost a sock. I do fold my laundry immediately when the dryer is done.

    The one close call was when I was traveling last year. I was in some hotel somewhere and needed to do laundry. It was on the first floor. I did my laundry and brought it back to the room. It was there I noted I had a missing sock. I was exhausted. My sister was then doing laundry. I asked her to check for the sock in the laundry room next time she went down. Meanwhile, I crashed. When I awoke in the morning, the first thing I said was, “Did you find my sock?” I took a lot of grief for that, but I still have all my socks. 😉
  2. Top of Refrigerator
    This is not an issue. I store absolutely nothing atop the refrigerator.
  3. Social Media Feed
    Kallie discussed culling those whom you follow. She presents that you may have begun following someone once because of an interest, but as time goes on, that is no longer an interest or that person isn’t providing value to you any longer. We’ve all heard these tales before.

    My social media feed consists of exactly 21 people, all of whom I know. This is not an issue for me.
  4. Vitamins/medicines
    The images Kallie showed during this segment surprised me. She seems to have what I would classify as a lot of products.

    For me, I have absolutely no vitamins. None. As for medicine, I have a bottle of Exedrin migraine for when I have a headache. I also have a handful of painkillers leftover from my recent surgery for when I experience pain. Long hikes come to mind.
  5. Books
    I dealt with this a decade ago. I own no physical books. There is no book clutter.
  6. Cleaning supplies
    I’ve noted that as a single man living in a relatively small place, I have plenty of cleaning supplies. The thing is, I use everything I have.

    Pine-Sol is used in the mop bucket weekly. Air freshener is used weekly. Laundry detergent, fabric softener, and bleach is used every week. I have a spray bottle of vinegar to combat mold in the shower that I use a couple times a month. I also have Comet that I bought when I first wanted to scrub the tub. It is fine. the vinegar is better. There is dishwashing detergent I use daily. I also have Windex and oven cleaner that are used with regularity. There just isn’t anything here I don’t use.
  7. Make-up/Skincare
    I have no make-up and no skincare priducts other than Ivory soap and liquid handsoap. I use those soaps multiple times daily.
  8. Jewelry
    I own no jewelry of any kind.
  9. Linen Closet
    I have three sets of bed linen. They remain on the three beds in my home. I was them regularly. There is one bedsheet in the closet as my son does not like sleeping with one. There are two extra fitted sheets in the closet as well. These are recent additions. The sheets I purchased developed rips in the fitted sheets within 18 months of buying them. The company sent me replacements. I am holding off on using them until the original are unusable.

    I have four ets of bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths that are rotated through the three folks who use them.

    I have three bathmats. I had purchased one. It too wore more than it should have. Through a weird set of circumstances, the compnay sent me two replacements. I use the worn one when my daughter visits as she seems to be rougher on the linens than anyone else.

    There are also three beach towels in the closet for use at either the beach or the pool; one for each of us.
  10. Food Storage
    Just today, I posted about my food storage. I have few storage containers, but the ones I have are used every week save the larger one. That is helpful at least once monthly. All the small storage containers are the same so the lids are interchagable.
  11. Paper
    I have an accordin fole folder to hold the few important papers I have (Social Security card, passport, birth certificate, etc.). I have a manilla folder with the divorce decree, another with my investment, and another for a second investment. I have a ream of paper for the printer. I print so infrequently that HP put me on a free monthly plan.

The above 11 areas are not areas I forgot to declutter. I have already addressed those areas thankyouverymuch!

Being intentional about what is in my home keeps me from having clutter to forget about. I have done the heavy lifting on these items so they do not become an issue.

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One thought on “11 Spots You Forgot to Declutter”

  1. As the day progressed, there is more to add to this. By having a framework for how I approach my living, things fall into place.

    While doing dishes, I saw I had but three of the four bowls. I thought I had all the dishes in the area to do dishes, but when I put them away, there were only three. At that point I asked Fritz if he had a bowl. He did. No biggy, but I knew immediately I had not accounted for everything. With buy four bowls, I easily was able to determine not all was reset. It was trivial to do so at that point.

    I do not keep a lot of food on hand. I eat rather simply. I think through my meals daily so I do not get placed in a position where I am hungry but have no food. Because of that, I knew I needed to pick up something, either a chuck roast or chicken thighs, for lunches. But I also knew that the way the weekend was structured, doing so did not have a natural spot to do so. It would need to be early Sunday evening. But as I finished up some tidying, I saw I had hamburger in the freezer. Yes! That kept me from having to go out to get something. There is just enough excess to cover something like that. The hamburger will defrost in time to make lunches for the next several days.

    Again, structuring things here at 3-Cubed keeps efficiency humming along maximumly.

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