Oxo Food Storage 1.6 C & Lids

21-09-19 Oxo Food Storage 1.6 C

This is a post in the My Things series on this blog. In it I chronicle items I own. I seek to describe why I own the item, whence it came, and what value it provides . . . and any other tidbits of interest.

Food storage containers have changed during my lifetime. My mother used to save yogurt, whipped cream, and other plastic containers that foodstuffs came in. Then I adopted Rubbermade when I fost lived on my own. In marriage that continued but became more and more unsatisfying as the plastic would stain and wear over time. Wanting to avoid that with my new start, I opted for glass storage containers.

I wasn’t sold on glass at first nor even the need for containers, thus I began with one large and one small (the 1.6C) container to see how they worked. They worked perfectly. The thing is that I didn’t use them much. A fixed menu that doesn’t create leftovers means storage containers don’t get a lot of use.

But addressing my lunches this year, I decided to change what I eat and that brought on a desire for my of these containers. I went back to Bed, Bath & Beyond and picked up four more (now a total of five 1.6C containers).

When I make a batch of my shredded chicken, I end up with four or five containers full, depending on the size of the chicken package I pick up.

Pretty certain the glass is shatterproof. That’s good. I haven’t directly dropped any of these, but I have banged one or two of them about. I like these.

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