Prez (1973-) #1

Prez (1973-) #1Prez (1973-) #1 by Joe Simon
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Not good.

I have a thing for 1974. Don’t ask. I saw this short run and thought, “Why not?”

Virtue signaling and leftwing politics is at the heart of this. In 1971 the United States the Twenty-sixth amendment, which lowered the voting age to 18. That is the backbone of this.

Prez Rickard, an 18-year old from Steadfast decides to fix his towns numerous clocks, all of which are at a different time. It takes a half hour for the hour to chime. I can relate. Our numerous clocks worked similarly. 🙂 That gains him positive press.

Boss Smiley runs Central City (where’s The Flash?). He gets the idea that teenagers would vote for one of their own, so he recruits Prez to run for US Senate. The idea is Boss Smiley will control Prez and Smiley’s construction companies will benefit.

To launch the campaign, Prez detonates a plunger to signify his campaign. That breaks the dam. Nearby an indian boy (Can’t you just picture the old indian by the road commercials?) rallies the animals to storm the place. Prez gives chase into the woods. He finds the indian and the animals. The indian convinces Prez of all the atrocities Boss Smley is committing. They break into Smiley’s office for the evidence. Smiley vows to find another candidate instead of Prez, but it is too late as it is now election day.

Prez is elected. We are told there was a massive surge of teenagers elected, the elibility age was lowered to be president to 18. Prez is now POTUS, the indian the head of the F.B.I., and an unknown as vice president.

This is pretty bad stuff here. I suppose it isfull of hope of what a younger government could look like. In the nearly 50 years since this was written, it hasn’t shown to be the case. I’ll finish the run because that is how I am. 🙂

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