Casey at the Bat

Casey at the BatCasey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer
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Springtime is special. The breaking of the weather means the ballplayers come north from the Grapefruit (and Cactus) League. It’s a glorious time.

I celebrate this ritual annually with the traditional reading of this American classic! I love “Casey at the Bat”.

Reading of the Mudville nine puts a smile on my face. I read this with my students and my children each spring. The way things fell this year, we waited until after the season began. But it meshed well with our classroom poetry exploration.

‘Tis true that the language is not modern, but for some of us, that is welcomed. This year’s students seemed to take to the poem pretty well. I followed our reading with showing them Penn & Teller’s version.

This is part of the shared culture.
Read this earlier this year. The district curriculum has a poetry unit to teach now and I included this along with the Penn & Teller bit. I don’t think the students appreciated the Penn & Teller bit. Oh, well . . .
My COVID-19 class enjoyed Penn & Teller’s version. Didn’t get this read at the beginning of the baseball season, but we’re finishing up the year filling in with some stuff that was skipped earlier.
This year I missed the opening of baseball season due to surgery. Sensing my students needed some culture, I whipped this out upon my return in May. Again, I coupled this with Penn & Teller. While the class doesn’t pick up a lot of what is taught, they were with this story understanding Casey, the disappointment of the crowd, etc. It is enjoyable when the class “gets it” and this one did. 🙂

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