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When I first investigated becoming a teacher, my friend Steve highlighted the academic calendar. He showed me how to use that to maximize one’s personal time.

We just received the approved academic calendar for the 2022-23 school year. It contains a special moment of screw the teachers.

Several years ago the district began observing Veterans Day on the Wednesday of the week that the NJEA convention occurs despite it seldomly being the 11th of the month. That permits a five-day weekend for staff and a six-day weekend for students given that staff have a workshop on the Tuesday.

Note, a federal holiday is conveniently observed on a different day for a pleasant experience.

Advance forward to current time. Politicians have federalized Juneteenth. Unlike most we were familiar with this holiday because we taught it. Juneteenth, long celebrated in Texas is celebrated on 19 June. It is now a federal holiday. It is still celebrated on 19 June unless the 19th falls on the weekend.

In 2023, 19 June is a Monday. What has my district decided to do?

Students end school on Thursday, 15 June 2023. Teachers always attend the following day to close out the year. That would be Friday, 16 June. But, no. Our district will close on 16 June to celebrate Juneteenth. Teachers will then return to school on Monday, 19 June (the real Juneteenth) to close out the year.

This, of course, makes no sense.

A three-weekend is had by year-round employees whether Friday or Monday is taken off. All this does is delay summer vacations for 1,000+ teachers. Why? It’s not to celebrate Junettenth because that is supposed to be celebrated on the 19th, not the 16th.

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