Pet Peeve

A Bus That Cannot Make the Turn

As I was organizing my photographs just now I came across this horrible photograph from 2010. It reminded me of a pet peeve I have. One in which was repeated just yesterday.

If a vehicle cannot make a turn without backing up the stopped traffic on the perpendicular, it should not be permitted to do so.

Throughout this city buses and 18-wheelers begin a turn, cannot make it without taking out the stopped vehicles, and then proceed to back up all traffic. If the vehicles don’t comply, then all traffic comes to a stop as said bus/truck will block the box for any movement.

It is annoying.

I understand the issue. If a city cracks down, then business comes to a grinding halt. Millville is an old city and the roads were not built to handle these sized vehicles. Regardless, it is annoying to no end to have done everything perfectly legal and then have to bend to to the vehicle. It often comes with missing the light or having others jump in front of you as you comply.

Grrr . . .

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