A Work in Progress

No matter how old I become, I am a work in progress.

Some lessons I need to relearn. Some are constant struggles.

I recognize I’ve been here before. I still need to change. Perhaps it will stick this time. I am ready to embrace it. I need to exude my happy.

Everyone seems to perceive me as a dour, moody chap who is always down. Perhaps some of that is my own projection. Yet, I do not perceive myself as such.

Why can’t I walk around with a permasmile on my face? Why am I routinely interjecting a wry, negative sleight in an attempt to be witty?

Release my happy!

I am getting better. I think it is that mantra of living an intentional life. Being aware of one’s surroundings. I am finding moments when things are turning and I can find the happy, release the negative, and just wipe away whatever is happening. I am quite aware that little that I encounter matters a hoot. I am able, it seems, to tap into that feeling and release the care that might take me negativity.

I need to build this habit so it is routine and ever-present.

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