Parenting During Divorce

Parenting during divorce sucks. The day-to-day isn’t shared with me. That’s tough, but it is what it is.

When a father finds out a major decision was made that he was unaware of, well, what recourse is there? None.

It began with an e-mail asking if I would take just my daughter this weekend as there has been stress at the house and it was thought that a break from Beetle would be good. That’s not a problem. I can understand that. I agreed.

Then came the text from Beetle asking if she could spend the night here tonight. I asked her what the issue was.

She called and began whining about her her mother doesn’t love her, embarrasses her, etc Then I heard about rules that were applied that my daughter did not care for. All typical teenager complaints. I played it cool.

Then came the kicker. My dear daughter spent the evening at her boyfriend’s house. I believe it was last evening, perhaps the evening before. Then I learned that her mother drove her for the sleepover.

I counseled Beetle that she was losing my support with this. She hung up the phone on me.

I can absolutely guarantee that if I still lived in the house that there would have been no sleepover. I guarantee that Gert’s father would not have approved a sleepover when Gert was in high school. I don’t know the new fiance, but I suspect he would not approve one of his daughters sleeping over a boyfriend’s house while they were in high school.

But there it is. I had no say. My ex-FIL had no say. Presumably, the new fiance had no say. The one who determined that is my ex-wife.

And she wonders why her daughter rebels when limits are set on another day. Sheesh . . .

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  1. Apparently Beetle skipped school twice this past week and stayed at her boyfriend’s house twice. On top of that, my son has had academic detention due to his grades. All the while their mother goes out on the town.

    Yup, I am not informed of any of this. I am truly removed from my family. As my daughter told me, “You are not my father Monday through Friday.”

    And I was considered an unfit role model? Nice.

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