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New Jersey instituted its single use plastic bag ban on 4 May. While the state government passed the law restricting my consumer options (and for that deserves criticisim), the plea to do so came not from environmental groups but rather from retailers. Grocery stores can save lots of money if they do not “give away” bags to customers. Retailers lobbied the state government for this ban.

As one who cherishes freedom, I am not in favor of this legislation.

On a practical note, the ban doesn’t serve its purpose from government’s point of view. It argues the environmental impact of single use bags. We have all seen, I suspect, a bag here or there blowing in the wind. Obviously, I do not condone that.

I along with everyone else I know, however, do not use these bags singularly. Teachers brings their lunches to school in these bags. Filing cabinets are stuffed with them for crafts, etc.

Look in one’s closets and you’ll see “single use” bags being used for all sorts of things.

I have received packages that have used plastic bags as the insulation.

For me, I made living decisions based on “single use” plastic bags. All m trashcans are bathroom size. I use these bags as the liner for the trashcans. This is primarily the one in the kitchen as the bathroom trashcan rarely has trash (save when Beetle visits).

Now with my supply of bags curtailed, I am on limited time before I have to purchase plastic bags for my trashcans in order to dispose of garbage. That seems nonsensical. It also seems counter to the purpose of this law. But I don’t have a problem with purchasing that which I use, so I will.

It’s not a winning argument, I understand. Me, just a consumer and taxpayer, has no power in this decision. I just am the one who has to live with the decision.

It already has had positive consequences for me. When I learned this ban also includes convenience stores, well, I guess that will keep me from visiting there. I am not going to bring in cloth bag to buy a hoagie and a soda. Same thing at the local deli. It’s all good as I should not frequent those places to begin with. The lack of a bag is enough of an inconvenience to help me remember I won’t shop in those places. Add to that Target and Walmart, and all of a sudden, not only will the bags be reduced, so will my consumption.

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