Its Tuesday, Let’s Do a Road Trip

A benefit of living alone, removed from being a parent during the week, being late in the academic year with no papers to grade is that after work on a Tuesday, it is easy to take a drive to Eatontown. Yeah, close to two hours away to go shopping.

It’s interesting how supplies work. A memory of my youth is my parents (my father in particular) drinking green chartreuse. As I dabble in the cocktail culture, the Last Word is a popular cocktail. It calls for green chartreuse. For some reason, that liqueur is not available around me. I can’t find it anywhere.

The other day I bopped around the Total Wine app and was told the Eatontown location had it. I then looked for another bottle I can’t find: absinthe. I can find absinthe, but not the brand I wanted. So, there there are two hard-to-find bottles sitting on their shelves. Why not take the drive?

I found both easily. I also found Buffalo Trace bourbon. This allocated bourbon is weird too. It is available nowhere near me, but I know it can be found in quantity in other places. Eatontown, apparently, is one of those places. I picked up a bottle just because.

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