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22-05-19 Prom

There’s not much going on in my life presently. Overall, that’s a good thing. 🙂 Tonight, however, I did attend an event. While it wasn’t very good, it was nice to be out of the house. When I left, I checked my e-mail before the long ride home. That is when I received a message that included the above photographs.

Life as a divorce father isn’t pleasant. I have been so removed from the day-to-day with my children, I am not even told of proms. Sure, there was the plea a few months ago to purchase a $500 dress for the event, but no, I didn’t know it was tonight. I wasn’t there to take photographs. I wasn’t there to smile, hold hands, and otherwise be Dad.

A friend of mine’s daughter attended prom recently. She posted a slew of photographs. Her daughter posed with every member of the family. The number of shots the daughter took with her mother and father were numerous. All in focus. All in vivid color.

I am not afforded that opportunity with my children. Pushed aside from the day-to-day.

While sad, I can’t let it beat me down. This is out of my control. I can’t stress over that with which I will be ineffectual. My role is different now regardless of my desires.

Beetle looks beautiful.

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