Too Much

After taking a couple weeks off from updating this blog, I began anew last evening. I am in January 2012 right now.

I see things that were not evident to me then as I repost these. I had been attempting to get my life organized at that point. It is clear. The books, music, and photograph projects were well underway. But there was just too much on my plate. I was working out, in multiple Toastmasters clubs, involved in the school board at St Mary Magdalen, soon to take on the Knights of Columbus, BookCrossing, etc.

I watched the Minimal Mom’s latest video where she discussed hobbies and the stuff that goes along with them. Yeah, in early 2012, I was in the throes of all that. This is absolutely an area I have successfully tackled since I moved here.

These blog posts from back then, in a way, are suffocating.

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